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The man woman relationship rediscovered

17 Jan 2022

Pune (Maharashtra) [India], January 17 (ANI/PNN): Do men and women really belong to Mars and Venus? Or is it time that they abandon those planets and land where they truly belong...mother earth?Have we as a human race botched up the real man and the real woman in the whirlwind of conditioning? A woman in battle and a man in a nurturing role, how different are they? What do the scientific facts claim?How did our primates handle these differences, or is there any difference at all? If yes, then what is the inherent difference between men and women?What do these two formidable forces - Shiva and Shakti, Yin and Yang, Matter and Energy really signify? Hundreds of such questions have plagued humankind and have remained an enigma ever since.

Find the answers to these compelling questions in the book - Men-Women, Mars-VenusAll That BS, authored by Rashmi Joshi. The book will also open up a whole new world of radically different perspectives on the battle of the sexes - which seem so different and yet so right!"As we sashay down the road of life with an entourage of challenges, we are left with no choice but to augment our latent qualities. Qualities which are genderless, such as resilience, courage, compassion, tenacity and numerous others; which is testimony to the fact that the human mind is essentially a product of 'thought' which includes gender distinction and the symbolism associated with it", says Rashmi Joshi.

"After more than 100 interviews (including the third gender), 1500 hours of research, and tracking the genesis of the human history of a 166 million years, I have come to the firm conclusion that men and women are not chalk and cheese but clay and calcium carbonate (chalk) or milk and milk proteins (cheese). Perhaps we should start calling ourselves 'the complimentary sex', as opposed to - 'the opposite sex'", chuckles Rashmi.

The 185 pages book published by Vishwakarma Publications is priced at Rs 240. The book is available on Amazon, Flipkart, KindleVishwakarma websites.

Life had been tossing challenges at me from when I was little. I didn't know how to bat, but I was learning fast. Expression in the form of writing had become almost imperative - after all, I had to tell my secrets to somebody.

By age 13 I had written quotable quotes about life. Dejected, I recoiled into my shell after being laughed at by some relatives who found my quotes to be the silly ramblings of a 13-year-old.

Nevertheless, my diary had become the love of my life. Fast forward 25 years and richer with even more excruciating and varied experiences, I now had the wherewithal to drench enough paper with ink to fill up an entire book.

I worked tirelessly towards excellence in writing and towards getting my book published. It is never an easy journey. I was knocked down more times than I expected, but what kept me in the arena was the strength with which I rose each time. I have realised through my journey that for an author, particularly for a non-fiction one, what is most important is, the number of people that benefit from her books.

It is a gift when people say things like, 'your book has changed my life', 'your book has saved my relationship', 'I randomly opened your book, and the page I read was all I needed to sort things out'. Vicarious blessings, I would call them.

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